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Vendor Bookings and Information

Brisbane Camera Fair 4th June 2023. 10am - 3pm

Some changes to take note of over previous years :
  • Table bookings will now require immediate payment via the credit card or PayPal link.

  • Tables are $65 each (an increase of $5 over last year to cover increases in fair costs)

  • The booking page will allow you to choose your table(s), however the club reserves the right to change both layout and table allocation if the need arises. The fair organisers decision will be final.

  • To try and alleviate vendor some unloading congestion, there will be a limited number (first come first served) of 'early bird' parking spots available. Vehicle access to park is for 1 hour only between 6.30am and 7.30am. There can be no leaving from this car park until the fair ends at 3pm. (*early bird parking does not allow early setup entry)

  • Individual vendors are still only allowed one helper for setup and a single helper during the day for sales.

  • * No vendors are to enter the fair before setup at 8.00am *

Fair Layout

map location
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Click on the following link to be taken to the booking page. Please ensure you have read the below Terms and Conditions before you make a booking. A copy of these will be included with your invoice.


Unloading Access

map location
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Please click here for important vehicle unloading information.


Tables: $65 per 2.4m x .75m (no half tables, and booking under one name only)

Preferred tables and positions must be selected and booked through the attached web link.

Immediate payment is then required through PayPal/Credit card, and receipt will be issued.

The club specifically reserves the right to change vendors selected tables if needed. (most usually for logistical reasons).

The club reserves the right to alter the fair layout if needed.

Cancellations with a full refund is possible up to 7 days before the fair, however canceling after this time will incur a $15 late cancellation fee per booked table cancelled.

Tables will be supplied and setup. No vendor supplied tables are to be used. Table coverings are not supplied.

Setup begins at 8.00am, with no entry for vendors before this time.

Vendors must register and wear the provided wrist band at the vendor entry point.

Only 1 registered helper to setup between 8.00AM and 10.00AM. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Anyone found during setup without wrist band before 10am will be asked to leave.

Entry for vendors and cars for unloading will only be via the new driveway off Albion Road.

Please avoid clutter around or near your table as they can pose a trip hazard and do not block walkways.

No items are to be placed for display or for sale outside the boundaries of the table(s) you have booked.

Patrons will enter at 10.00 AM, via the car park gate entrance off McDonald Rd, an announcement will be made a few minutes prior to 10.00 AM to ensure all vendors are back at their tables before doors open.

Vendors leaving early will not be able to bring their vehicles inside the fair fence to reload before the fair closes to the public.

There is no electrical supply for tables.

The Camera Fair closes at 3.00 PM.

An ATM service will be onsite.

A coffee van will be operating alongside a charity who will also supply hot and cold drinks and food for sale.

Public liability insurance exists for this event but we ask that table holders take reasonable measures to ensure their items are not a hazard to other table holders and fair attendees. Cameraholics takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to your possessions that may result from attendance at the fair. The use of your own display cases or similar to keep your expensive items secure is encouraged.

Toilets are located at the end of the hall.

The outside rubbish bins are locked so you will have to take your non food waste away with you. Food waste only can be deposited in the bin near the kitchen.

We thank you for participating in our Camera Fair and we hope you have a prosperous and enjoyable day.

For any problems, concerns or further information on bookings, please contact Lyndon at: bookings@cameraholicsqld.com (Emails are preferred for booking issues however Lyndon's mb. is 0413 080 769)

Vendor Unloading and Parking.

Firstly, remember there is a heap of set up time, you have a full 2 hours…so don’t stress, you’ll get it done in time, it will all be fine :)

From 6.30am to 7.30am there is some limited 'early bird' parking available.

This will be on a first come first served basis, and is entered from the driveway off Albion rd (following directions from a club member).

Early bird parking will have different entry point for set up, but it will be under the same conditions as per the normal terms and conditions and still at 8.00am

Vendor unloading and vendor fair access is via the end of concrete entry drive leading off Albion Street (see image) at 8.00am.

Cars must wait for direction to enter the driveway.

Vehicles will need to be driven/reversed along the concrete drive, quickly unloaded, and then immediately removed.

Goods will need to be temporarily placed on or around the supplied tables placed on the concrete at the end of this driveway , then you must move your vehicle. Then return to obtain wrist passes and officially enter the fair with their goods.

In other words, you quickly drop your stuff off onto the provided area/tables, you leave it there (camera club members will keep watch over your stuff), park your car somewhere else, and then come back and take your stuff inside.

Vendors will not be allowed to enter the fair without first removing their vehicle from the unloading area. Wrist passes will not be issued if your car is left sitting at the unloading area!

Unfortunately we have no room for negotiation on these matters. There will be club members controlling vehicle entry to the driveway.

Club members will be circulating to try and help you where possible and keep an eye on your goods while you are moving you car.


Click on the following link to be taken to the booking page. Please ensure you have read the above Terms and Conditions before you make a booking. A copy of these will be included with your invoice.


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